Hair styles

The haircut, which can well complement your persona, hide the 'low points' of your face as well as highlight your best facial features will be the perfect hairstyle for you. You can exude the 'celebrity look' in a matter of few hours, by stylizing your hair the right way. Today, innumerable ideas on the latest trend in hair cuts and styling are available in fashion magazines, newspapers and the Internet. Although you are given numerous options to choose from, it is always suggested to go for a style that is best suited for you. We are here to give you a generic idea of how to land in the perfect hairstyle, by considering the face of your shape, texture and form of your hair. The shape of your face is an important thing to consider, before you set your mind for a new hairstyle. Generally, face shapes are broadly divided into eight types - oval, round, square, oblong, triangle, pear, heart and diamond. Layering, angled bob, long side swept bangs are some of the flattering hairstyles for round faces. In case you have square shaped face, go for short and spiky cuts and sleek styles with layers. You can sport short, long, straight or wavy hair for your oval face. Angular bobs and long waves are the best bet for oval shape. Side swept bangs and brow-grazing fringe are good for heart-shaped face. 

If you have a diamond-shaped face, go for hairstyle that has width at the top and bottom and sleekness in the wider part of the face. Chin-length haircut with temple-to-temple fringes is the best bet for a diamond shaped face. For a pear-shaped face, the haircut should symmetry to the narrow forehead and wide cheeks and jaw line. You should concentrate fullness at the temple and the fringe area, make it sleek at the cheeks and jaw line. Layered hair with fullness at the crown would look best for pear shaped face. For an oblong shaped face, layered bobs and choppy cuts are best suited. Short to medium layered hairstyles are best suited for triangle shaped face. The texture of the hair is yet another decisive factor, when it comes to styling of the hair. Generally, the hair texture is divided into three types - fine, medium and coarse. If you have very fine and thin hair, you should opt for the hairstyle that does not tend to break your locks. In addition, the hairstyles should not be too tight. As far as the haircut for fine hair is concerned, you may opt for a short, layered hairstyle, which is manageable for the texture. Angle layered haircut is suitable for medium to thick hair types. If you have very coarse hair, go for the haircut that tends to enhance the volume of the hair, which you are already blessed with. Loose buns are appropriate for coarse textured hair. The form of the hair - whether it is straight, wavy or curly - plays an important role, when it comes to choosing the perfect hair cut. Straight hair is a very versatile form, because almost every cut would look good. You can go for layered hairstyles, asymmetric bob, traditional bob, medium, long or short haircut, if you have straight hair. You may also stylize the hair differently, by using curling irons, to give it entirely different texture. The hairstyle best suited for curly hair will depend upon your facial shape and texture of your hair, for a great extend. Talking about the wavy hair, you can either straighten or curl the locks. Whatever the hairstyle is, be sure to consider your facial shape, texture, color and form of your hair.


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