Self Tanning

Getting a tan in the sun is not the really safe way of tanning yourself. Using a self-tanning product is a safe way of getting a tan. The tan from a self-tanning product not only removes the white areas caused by winter but they also give you some amount of protection against the sun.
The tan that one gets from using these products normally washes off easily. Today there is an increasing demand for semi-permanent tanning lotions. Most of these self-tanning products come with additions like vitamin E and aloe vera that softens and moisturizes the skin. In order to ensure that the tan does not look fake choose a tan color that suits your skin color. Most self-tanning products are available in a range of shades. To ensure that your tan lasts longer, use the following tips to prepare your skin: Exfoliate your skin with a body scrub to remove loose flakes of skin.

This will ensure that the tan does not look patchy and it will last longer. Moisturize the areas you want to tan. This will allow the self-tanning lotion to spread smoothly and reduce the chances of streaking. Apply the self-tanning product with long firm strokes on your legs and arms. Rub the lotion using a circular motion into your stomach, buttocks and checks. Apply self-tanning lotion carefully to the dry areas of your body, as they will absorb more color. Pay special attention to your knees, elbows and heels. To ensure that you have an even tan around your eyebrows and hairline, use a cotton bud to remove any tanning lotion that gets accumulated. Use this along the side of your nose and along laughter lines, as tanning lotion normally clogs around these areas and tans the areas more. Do not apply self-tanning product on your nails, as they will turn orange. Wash your hands well after applying self-tanning lotion, especially wash your cuticles and under your nails. Do not wear clothes or sleep on your bed cover for about half an hour at least. This will stain your clothing and bedcovers.


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